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*Grass bagged on lots smaller than .15 acres ONLY.
**Minimum clearing amount is 1 inch.

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Lawn Care Winnipeg

Hero is a locally owned an operated snow removal and lawn care company in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We offer summer grass cutting and trimming services for residential and commercial properties. In the winter, we specialize in residential snow removal only. Our live tracking page is one of a kind, providing live communication to our customers so they are fully informed on their service status. Hero stays reliable by maintaining 100% equipment redundancy which renders us virtually breakdown proof, preventing interruption to your lawn care service or snow removal package.

In the summer months, our lawn care services include a weekly cutting and trimming of your property, which includes bagging and removal of clippings if the property is less than .15 acres. Our lawn care does not include fertilization or pesticides as the 2015 pesticide ban undermines the value of these services in Winnipeg. In the winter months, Hero clears your driveway and small walkway as many times as it snows, with no change in price.

Winnipeg Grass Cutting

Due to the size of Hero’s mower fleet, we currently have lots of room for residential and commercial grass cutting clients. For small residential pricing please visit our pricing page.

We offer grass mowing services for large acreage, multi-family, industrial and municipal properties without a problem. Our price can vary dramatically from factors such as the number of obstacles our mowers have to go around and how much trimming is involved. For more specifics about grass cutting on these “custom” type properties please give us a call or email for an exact quote.

Give us a call or email to inquire about grass cutting services at your property for the upcoming season.

Snow Removal Winnipeg

Our snow removal services are among the most trusted in Winnipeg. Our tracking feature gives you the most up to date information regarding your service so you aren’t left in the dark. We care about your satisfaction, so we offer overnight service so your driveway is left clear of snow when you wake up the next morning.

We only offer residential snow removal at this time, so call far in advance of winter to book your spot as we regularly fill up before summer is even over!