MOW: 0.15 Acre
SNOW: 2-Car Pad


MOW: 0.3 Acre
SNOW: 4-Car Pad

Service Area

We currently only cut grass at areas highlighted in GREEN.


We currently only clear snow at areas highlighted in BLUE.

*All prices subject to GST. Sizes and pricing are a best portrayal of our pricing model, and NEVER constitute an official quote. Prices for lawn care or snow removal may change at ANY TIME, without notice, in accordance with supply and demand.

Grass cutting requests after the season has begun (May 1), will be broken into per cut pricing and charged based on the remaining cuts for the season. Per-cut rates are derived by taking the monthly rate divided by 4 (assumed weeks per month). A double or triple cut may be charged for initial visits where grass has not been cut or is excessively long.

Got questions about our lawn care? See our FAQ.